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How to organize your kids accessories for Back to School the easy way

This post is dedicated to all the parents out there, whose kids backpacks have remained in the same spot they left them, since the last day of school.

Exhibit A.

June 29th. That’s how long they’ve been in front of our tiny closet, most likely not meant for a family of 4. Sometimes the backpacks moved over to the right by the columns that I still don’t understand why the builders built in these homes. At least their lunch bags are not in them.

I hope.

See, backpacks, mittens, scarves, hats and other miscellaneous things that inevitably wind up scattered all over the place, lead to unnecessarily stressful mornings of “Where’s my class agenda?” and”Did you sign my permission form for the Science trip?”. When you could be doing other things, like taking some time for yourself to go to the gym or yoga before work. But no, you’re scrambling in the morning to find mismatched items and all that stuff you swore you’d get done before you went to bed, until you fell asleep exhausted on the couch.

After dealing with a kitchen renovation that is still not completed, I am beyond over disorganization this year and I needed something easy to organize our kids items. Insert my superheros of the Back to School season, Canadian Tire and SportChek.

Canadian Tire’s beautiful Evelyn Hallway Tree has arrived in our home this week. So instead of the backpacks being left on the floor every day of our non existent foyer/mudroom at the front of the house, the goal is to do this:

I know. This concept is ground breaking. Hang them on the hooks.

Exhibit B.

And it’s working.



You too can have this miracle occur in your house with your own children.

And look, more accessories can be stored in the really deep drawers under the Evelyn Hallway Tree. Those woven Lucy baskets? They can now hold permission forms, agenda’s, show and tell items and other fun stuff that your child’s teacher sends you texts about when your kid is the only one in their class left to not bring theirs in yet.

This is the answer to your Back to School needs. There will be no more “Where are my ear muffs Mom?”. They will be right there, in the drawer. And your hallway will get it’s floor back. The other rooms I can’t promise you them being clean yet. I am sorry. I am working on it. Disclaimer: Just like I cleaned this room before I took photos of it and put the hallway tree in it. *cough*

But this super easy way to organize your kids Back to School accessories will leave you with some time for yourself again. Where you can break in your new Fitbit Flex 2 (that you can get at SportChek) outside or at the gym, instead of earning your steps cleaning up after your kids.

This item is *amazing*. It has a charger for your Fitbit piece, that you just plug into a USB charger and then pop it in your bracelet and you’re good to go.

You know the brands that you love and PR agencies you collaborate with know you well, when your gym ensemble is all in your favourite workout gear colour: black.

I’ve tried light grey. I am not going there again.

Now when people walk into our home, the first thing they see and all ask about is the Evelyn Hallway Tree. Don’t believe me, ask my Sister in Law. The bonus is that it also detracts from the future dining room (out of frame) that currently has a life sized Unicorn Pool floatie in the middle of it surrounded by toys.

We don’t have a swimming pool.

Enough said.

Special Thanks to Canadian Tire and SportChek for partnering with me on this Back to School post. 

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