I may jinx Spring by writing this post

Every tired parent who lives in a country where the seasons change knows all too well the chaos that ‘in between’ season weather causes to your household. I’ve talked about this when I described my hatred for my front entryway during this time. Because what happens is you wake up and one day its -5 and the next day it’s 20 degrees. So you go from winter boots to sandals (you can choose the brand Havaianas) in a 48 hour period.

You get used to standing on your front porch in the morning going Ok how many layers is today going to need? Yes weather forecasts help but I’ve never met a single meteorologist that has been correct 99% of the time.

Parents you will also understand this. That moment when you do take out the Spring clothing and your kids try it on, only for you to stand there and go “Oh damn, you grew again.” And no word of a lie, my older daughter (as I was typing this) walked into the room and said “Mom can you take out my box with my short sleeved shirts?”

And this is where I fear I may jinx Spring. Because the biggest inside joke is if you take out all the Spring clothing and shoes just as it starts to get warmer, it’s gonna snow. And good luck telling your kids they can’t wear their cool new shoes to school after that. You don’t need more stress in your mornings. Getting them to school is hard enough.

So you live with a giant mess of parkas mixed in with flip flops for a month or two, twice a year. In the meantime you may as well enjoy shopping for new kids stuff. And because the kitchen reno has made me borderline crazy right now and at the risk of jinxing Spring’s arrival, I thought I’d share some of the fun Spring/Is Summer here yet? clothes we picked up this year.

Kids Spring Clothing Picks - northstory

1) The first thing I do every year is head to H&M to get some dresses. Why? Because they have such a great selection – and wait for it – they’re $5.95 each (that’s Canadian!). No really. My younger daughter is a huge tomboy but she has to do it all while wearing a pretty dress. So by mid-afternoon when she comes in covered in dirt and popsicles and needs to change, I don’t feel bad about stocking up on these because they’re easy on your wallet.

2) My older daughter is a big fan of tank tops and cami’s that are loose fitting and she loves this Layered Embroidered Cami from Forever 21 Girls collection. It also comes in pink and white. Definitely size up in this. She usually wears an 8/10 and we got an 11/12 and it fit way better. Forever 21’s sizing tends to run small overall.

3) My sister in law bought my older daughter these Hunter Rain Boots for Christmas. Shh…don’t tell my Kamik rainboots we have Hunter’s in the house. I’ve got to admit they’ve won me over for one reason. These particular ones (the Hunter Little Kid/Big Kid boots) have a tall shaft and if you have kids that are tall (my oldest is very tall) typical rain boots for kids won’t cut it on her. These ensure that when she’s splashing around in puddles, her socks won’t get soaked as well. I missed out on a pair of identical ones at half off one day because my husband said you don’t need any more rain boots. I still regret not buying them. Life is too short, always buy the damn shoes.

4) Did I mention the cute little girls t-shirts at H&M? Don’t Grow Up is right! Again, $5.95 CAN.

5) Remember when you were a kid and there was that one trendy clothing at school that you had to have? Mine was Benetton jersey’s, Levi’s 501’s with the button fly cut off and Tretorn sneakers. There I just gave away my age. Apparently ROOTS jogging pants are huge right now. I had to barter with my older daughter to wear jeans or other comfy pants during winter just to get her out of her one pair that she we bought her. It doesn’t look like these are leaving her closet anytime soon so at least if she has two pairs, I can do laundry. Great for colder nights and camping and well, it’s ROOTS. Love everything they make!

6) I will be the first to admit I was not a fan of Crocs when they came out. I couldn’t understand what the hype was about. Then I bought my kids a nice cheap imitation pair of them last summer. And wound up replacing them not once but twice. Forget that. This year they got the real deal and when you feel them and compare them to the imitations, you get why so many people love them. These kids Crocband Clog are my younger daughter’s absolutely current favourite shoes.

7) Apparently the cute little coats that I have been buying my older daughter no longer cut it. Princess logos? Not happening. GAP jean jacket for the win! I am noticing a theme here with her clothing choices.

8) Old Navy kids clothing are a staple in our house. Mainly because Old Navy has a lot of really great kids sales where you can stock up on everything. This one happened to match their flip flops too.

9) And last but certainly not least, sometimes being a younger sibling means you don’t always get the hand me downs. Especially when it comes to shoes because let’s face it, kids are rough on their shoes. These little bunny rain boots were part of an Easter basket present (I am trying to fill baskets with things other than chocolate) and you can find them at Joe Fresh. Where they also have some cute other ones like Poodles and Sharks.

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