DIY Mini Wishing Jar Ornaments – a great keepsake craft!

I spent the better part of our weekend cleaning up glitter. So of course I am going to share with you how you too can clean up your own glitter that will make its way onto every surface of your home, just by making these cute “Wishing Jar” ornaments. I am half kidding. Yes it’s a bit messy but your kids will love it. Really. Here’s what you’ll need: Mini Jars Gold Stars Fine Gold Glitter Bakers Twine Paper Scissors…

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Our Top 5 Picks from the Hasbro Holiday Gift Guide and a Giveaway!

We are shamelessly a toy family. I don’t even try and hide it anymore. We go big and all out for Christmas. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally fine, but I swear to you my kids have done intervention’s when I attempt to donate any older toys. Our 7 year old daughter genuinely plays with *everything*and I also have toys from my childhood that I have personally kept, so they know that I can’t win…

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How to make a Festive Felt Christmas wreath

Ok. Christmas crafts in our house are underway. I’ve toned them down this year because well, there’s a lot of nice holiday products in stores. Yes I just said that. My hypocrisy is very obvious as I am about to show you how I made (and how you can make) a festive felt Christmas wreath. This is one of the exceptions to this season becauseĀ I love felt. It’s easily up there with my absolute favourite material to craft with it…

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Why my Butcher Block Countertops and Mineral Oil are getting a divorce

I know. You’re sitting there thinking “Is she seriously writing another post about her butcher block counter tops?” Consider me your science experiment. No really. Take my mistakes and trial and errors and learn from them, so you don’t have to go through all of this with your counters. If this is the first time you’re here, may I suggest reading my first two posts on the subject of butcher blocks. Adventures in Staining Butcher Block  – This where I…

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DIY Tea Tags with #CelestialSeasonings and a Giveaway!

My husband’s Grandma does not have coffee in her house. Let me back track a bit. The first year we started dating (over 17 years ago) we went to his Grandma’s house for Christmas morning, which also happens to be her birthday. When I didn’t have time to stop and get a coffee, I thought “It’s ok, I’ll just make one there.” Only to discover there was tea and only tea. Why? Because his Grandma only drinks tea. This kind…

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The story of our Farmhouse Table and why we chose Ontario Wood

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know there are two things I really love. The first is wood grain. I really (and I mean really) love the look of natural wood. The rings, the nicks and cuts and all of its character. The second is that I am very passionate about reusing and re-purposing materials. I love taking items meant for a landfill and transforming them into home decor objects. A quick search for the term upcycled…

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DIY Sushi Costume and a Ginger Wasabi Headband

I can’t remember how old our daughter was when she first tried sushi. But what I do remember is that she was very little and how my husband and I were staring at her devouring salmon in a moment of bewilderment. At a time where most of her peers were begging for McDonald’s and Pizza, she wanted sashimi rolls. So for Halloween this year, she decided to go as her favourite food ever. Sushi! Here’s what we used to make…

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DIY – Raven Teen Titans Costume

For a woman who loves Star Wars, superhero movies and comic books, I hang my head in shame at not having a clue what or who Teen Titans were, up until this past year. Because this past year our 7 year old a.k.a. the reason Netflix exists in our house, has watched every episode of Teen Titans GO on repeat, seven days a week. She originally wanted to be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania for Halloween this year, but once Teen…

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