Sears unveils its new store locations! #GotItAtSears

My daughter and I were at the Oshawa Centre earlier this month looking for a birthday gift for my husband when she turned around to me and said “Wow, Mom. Look at Sears. It looks so different!” She’s no stranger to Sears as I’ve been taking her there since she was born because they were one of the first companies to offer a nursing and change room for Moms.

Now Sears Canada has been in the press a lot this past while for a variety of reasons, amongst which is their unveiling of their new store layouts and redesigned logo. The Oshawa Centre overall has received a huge renovation and makeover as it is poised to become a central shopping destination in the Greater Toronto Area, so it’s very fitting to see the new look of Sears in the context of the newly renovated mall environment.

What can I say about the new Sears? It’s modern. It’s fresh. It’s bright. Very welcoming with staff all there ensuring you have a great shopping experience. But most of all it fills a gap in the market where consumers who feel left behind in a sea of luxury good retailers can go to Sears and feel like they can afford a quality product at a great price. Sears really wants to emphasize value for your hard earned dollar.

So my family stopped in to take a look at the new location.


The first thing you’ll notice is their brand new logo which I am quite partial to for various reasons like my love of Canadiana.



Maps at the front of the store. Something so simple and yet something so appreciated.


The second thing that will instantly catch your eye is the substantial spaces in the aisles that you can freely walk around and not feel like you’re smushed against clothing racks. The idea is to have a runway around the store so that you can navigate everything more easily. There are a lot more mannequins and a lot more mirrors – which if you’ve ever tried to find at a department store to see how something looks against you, you will truly appreciate.



When I mean space, I mean space. I could fit a double twin stroller in this aisle and move it around without any issues. Believe me, when you’ve got your little ones in tow, this is a big deal.



One of my favourite things about the layout is the ability to see over the displays to every section. Which is very helpful when navigating your way around. And when your kids run out of the section you’re in to go look at toys.



Everything is bright and clean and very easy to find.


And then of my kids proceeded to take me shopping…





I love their character tees. Love. We always stock up on them.




This is by far one of my favourite things – a central pay area. Wandering around aimlessly looking for a register and hoping for it to be open, is so not fun. This is fantastic.


Did I mention their shoe section? Notice the amount of room you have to be able to try on shoes.


This is my future. I may as well get used to it. The bath and makeup area. Right next to cosmetics.


We went upstairs to see what was happening in their Home Decor, Seasonal and Appliance area and things are still in progress. This is due in part to the Oshawa Centre being affected by a severe rainfall that caused a lot of damage to the mall at the time. Unfortunately Sears took the brunt of the storm and had a major flood that they’re working very hard to recover from.

Here’s the thing though, I am a home decor fanatic. To me it’s a very important area. So I was really impressed when I saw this…



Copper lanterns. Are you kidding me? Get in my home!


Their appliance area was nicely put together.



The girls ran straight to the Seasonal area.

She’s a Darth Vader fanatic!




What do I think of the new Sears? Well, I already am a regular for the clothing and winter boots but I can’t wait to see their expanded Home Decor section.

But I think this sign below says it all.


Disclosure: The campaign with Sears is in collaboration with the Yummy Mummy Club. As always, opinions and photos are my own. 

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