Spiderweb Halloween Treats

This is the *easiest* Halloween Treat to make. Ever. No baking. No sewing. No complicated wrapping.

The best part is, your kids can do this. Mine made all of these to bring to their classroom Halloween parties. On a side note, I got assigned Easter Treats this year to bring to school. Easter. Me. I don’t do Easter. So this should be fun.

All you need is the following:

  • Foam spiderwebs (you can buy these everywhere around Halloween – I got these from Dollarama).
  • Spider or skull rings
  • Long stemmed candy such as lollipops, rockets, Tootsie rolls, Pixie sticks, Starburst rolls, licorice packs.

Then all you do is weave them through the foam webs. We wrapped the rings around the rockets to help them better adhere to the webs. And that is it.





If you’ve got some more time or are feeling a bit more crafty, you can make some Glow Stick Brooms

DIY Halloween Treats

…or some Glow Stick Pumpkins.

Glow Stick Pumpkins - Non-Candy Halloween Treat - northstory

It’s one week till Halloween as I write this. Do you know what that means? The Christmas crafts are coming. Get ready.


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    Carole Dube
    October 24, 2016 at 11:33 pm

    I love the spider web. Just forwarded this link to my daughter. She run a day home and would be perfect!

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