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    DIY Easter Cards

    I woke up this morning and was like “Right. Easter. This weekend. Didn’t send out cards.” I asked the kids if they wanted to make something when they woke up and they said “Mom we have school.” Noted. I could have bought cards but there’s a voice in my head that just does not let me do that, which for the record drives me insane. Case in point here are the Easter Cards from previous years: Fabric Easter Cards Modern…

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    DIY – Easter Cards

    Oh Easter. You and me need to go on a date. Perhaps get to know each other a little better. I don’t know if it’s the pastels, the mysterious basket filling…

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    Upcycled Easter Basket

    There are two main reasons I often do crafts and home projects by upcycling used items. The first is that craft supplies are crazy expensive at times and to run out…

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    No Sew Easter Treat Bags

    I apologize to everyone out there that can sew in their sleep. I am not that person. I would like to practice more on my sewing machine but that would mean…

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    DIY – Easter Cards

    This is the time of year I am supposed to tell you you’re about to see a bounty of Easter crafts to warm your heart and make you feel all cozy…