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    DIY Rustic Sieve Christmas Wreath

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, I picked up a strange round object at the Salvation Army. Listen, if you cook or bake in any way you’re going to look at me and go how the hell did you not know what a sieve is? I looked at the shape of it and said “Hey, you need to be upcycled into something and used as decor.” vs “I can’t wait to use this in my kitchen.” I’m sorry.…

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    Upcycled Planter

    I never started this blog with the intention of doing so many upcycled projects and home decor from recycled materials. Truthfully I started it because I wanted to document our home…

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    Upcycled Easter Basket

    There are two main reasons I often do crafts and home projects by upcycling used items. The first is that craft supplies are crazy expensive at times and to run out…

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    Upcycled Christmas Wreath

    Awhile back I picked up two metal star wreaths at the thrift store with the full intention to revamp them for the holidays. The first one I did for Halloween and…